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      1. 永誠化工

        Yongcheng Chemical


        Main Products: Benzyl carbazate, Hexyl chloroformate, P-Nitrobenzyl chloroformate, 4-Nitrophenyl chloroformate,
        2,2,2-Trichloroethyl Chloroformate, n-pentyl chloroformate, Dimethylsulfamoy Chloride, 2-chloroacetoacetate, Cloquintocet-mexyl


        Xinyi Yongcheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

        Equality, mutual benefit and common development

        Xinyi Yongcheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.(Xinyi Huili Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.) is the high-tech enterprise which engaging mainly on producing fine chemical products. The company's technical force is very rich. It lies in the interjunction of Beijing-Shanghai expressway and Huo-Lian expressway, and the Xinyi city is one of the most important traffic hinges of East China. The DongLonghai Railway and the majority pathway from the Northeast to the Changjiang Delta cross and form a "cross" within the border; the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Xindai Canal run through east and west...




        CONTACT US

        Xinyi Yongcheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

        ■  Add: No.88 Jingqi Road, Economic Development Zone, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, China. ■  P.C.: 221415
        ■  Contact: Li Yange +86-15952286050 ■  Contact: Cai Zhuang +86-15251499520
        ■  Tel: +86-516-88606028, +86-516-88605831 ■  Fax: +86-516-88608138
        ■  E-mail: sales@huilichemical.com ■  URL: www.xxqz.com.cn
        ■  E-mail: sales@yongchengchem.com ■  URL: www.yongchengchem.com


        Yongcheng Chemical

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